Tuesday, October 03, 2006



since we aren't officially starting until next month, i thought it might be fun to do a theme post for october. so i suggest

movie soundtracks

because it'll be easy-peasy. pick a song any song, comment to this post with a link to your contrubution and i'll add it to the main post when i get a chance. people can then download the song and guess the movie. yes? we can change the theme if you all want, but i thought i'd jumpstart some action here :)

Jen's pick: because i'm feeling cheeeeeeeeeesy

***if you're unsure how to upload the song so others can download it, you can just email it to me and i'll take care of that for you.


cd thoughts


I really like that we are committed to new music, but I concur with the group about using more than new music. To use only new music would be to embrace a "tyranny" of new music as if new music is the only good music. It would also assume that we all know the same old music, which we don't. I like discovering neglected B sides, old artists doing different things, tacky music, and some music that never became popular is amazing. I also tend to think on thematic lines, so sometimes an old song is the right song for a certain place in a CD (or sometimes the artistry is so amazing that it has to be shared). Someone out there mentioned being a Bruce Springsteen fan. So for example, I will assume we all know "Born to Run" and probably don't need to be introduced to it, but I can't remember all the great songs from "Asbury Park" or "Nebraska," and I would be delighted to meet one again on a mix CD. I think we need to be who we are and present what we listen to, to one another without much judgment or limitations.


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