Sunday, April 22, 2007


April 2007

*i apologize for lack of cover just ain't in me. and my nephew wasn't around for me to bug.

since i got april, i toyed with the idea of making a mix of cover songs (april fools! get?) but i didn't. though i still kept some covers in. there was one that didn't make the cut because i had already used two of his songs but i still recommend it because it's quite great, actually. i snorted hot chocolate up my nose when i realized laswell was singing 'girls just want to have fun' don't make the same mistake!

i like lots of different kinds of music, but a guy or girl with just a guitar or piano is probably my favorite kind. the more old-fashioned sounding the song is, the better! and there's just something about live shows. cds are great, but live music hides nothing. i do buy cds, but most of my music money goes to see people play!

and now, the music:

Greg Laswell - Sing Theresa Says: he is my favorite singer, second only to patty. a few years ago at a coffee house, i heard him singing backup for his friend and i instantly took to him. i checked out his own music, and loved it. he's funny too!
Maria Taylor - Two of Those Too: i'm not the biggest fan of azure ray, but i really like this 11:11 album. it has an interesting mix of songs, but it works. i picked this song because i really like songs that tell stories. please also check out 'speakeasy' because that song is awesomely old-fashioned sounding and particularly great.
Molly Jenson - And You Were: another frequent player of san diego coffee shops. while the lyrics are pretty simple, there's something that i just really like about her voice in this song.
Patty Griffin - No Bad News: last month, i got to see patty griffin live for the first time ever. i'm not saying tears fell from my eyes, but i'm not saying they didn't either. she's the best ever. this was the song i'd only heard/seen on youtube videos so i was excited when it finally got released.
Laura Nyro - Blowin' Away/Wedding Bell Blues: it's a sad thing that i'll never hear her live, but at least there are live recordings.
Martin Sexton - Marry Me: the gap between the last and this album was too long. too long. because i am happy that 'seeds' finally came out, you get two of its songs included in this mix.
M Ward - Rollercoaster: if he comes your way, go see him. hearing that voice come outta that body is weird, but great. he's just so tiny. and i love him.
Damien Rice - Coconut Skins: i don't always understand what his songs are about, but i really like that he messes around with words. if you don't like that too, well then "you can sit on chimmneys, put fire up your ass"
Bob Schneider - Big Blue Sea: i dragged a friend to a bob show and when he got up on stage she poked me in the side and said, "hey, it is the homeless man from outside!" she'd noticed his scruffy self when we were buying tickets and hadn't believed me when i told her that he was the singer she was paying to see. and she's been my bob-buddy ever since. i feel obligated to mention though, that if you go to a bob show (and you should go) be prepared for some raunchy raunchy songs.
Joe Purdy - Isn't Love: i like sad songs. it's true. he's good at them.
Greg Laswell - High and Low: a self description: "greg laswell, music to not run to".
Joe Firstman - A Long Way Down: i don't think you can still buy his 'wives tales' EP. if you want, i will upload it for you (just ask) because it really is good enough for everyone to have.
Leona Naess - Ballerina: even my thuggy cousins who roll their eyes at most of the stuff i play for them, like her music.
Cyndi Lauper - You've Really Got A Hold On Me: i guess i've always known this is a sad song but i was surprised when i first heard this version because i'd never felt it like that. and yes, i am a 'i'll kiss you' and 'girls just wanna have fun' fan. and? ;) (but i didn't really like the other covers on her 'at last' album)
Mindy Smith - Please Stay: i saw her open for amos lee (also a good one to check out) and i am now a fan. she was sooo good!
Ryan Adams - Call Me On Your Way Back Home: it took me awhile to get into ryan adams. but i did and this was the song that got me. i also think it's funny how mad he gets if you confuse him with bryan adams.
Schuyler Fisk - Lying To You: i have to thank the last kiss soundtrack for introducing me to her music. paperweight (sung with joshua radin) is an excellent song and sent me in a frenzied search for more of her music. nothing's out there to buy if you can't go to her shows (which hasn't happened for me yet-boooo to expensive gas!). but i did find some stuff. luckily! (ask if you want it)
Brandi Carlile - Cannonball: i love this album. i picked this song because the first time i heard it, i was reminded of 'til there was you' from the music man, which it doesn't actually sound like, but it triggered the memory nonetheless. her voice is just so full. it's heavy with emotion and you can tell she's really feeling what she sings. the first time i saw her live, she played an hour long set on a boat that circled the san diego bay at sunset. yes, be jealous! ;)
Patty Griffin - Let Him Fly: the first song i ever heard of hers. played it over and over. i just love this woman.
Libby Kirkpatrick - Vaulted Heart: no, i do not mope around all day long. there's light at the end of the tunnel for me! ;) such a good song, this is.
Martin Sexton - Still Think About You: the san diego show that i was actually in town for, sold out on me. and he hasn't been back since. i am bitter. but i'll see him one day. it'll happen. damnit.
Patty Griffin - Her Majesty: heh.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


What's happening to the killer bees?

So yeah... what is happening to the killer bees?

Just thought I'd ask...

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