Saturday, March 03, 2007

Hello All... here is the Album information.... Hope you enjoy it...

Song list and some notes...

Poo Poo Plater Brak
House Party Aaron Carter
Common People William Shatner
Chocolate Cake Revisited Lenlow - go to for more info..
Pineapple Princess Annette Funicello
The House at the Top of the Tree They Might Be Giants
Tread Water De La Soul
Tripper Trouble dj BC and the Beastles -go to: for more info
California Uber Alles Dead Kennedys
Hersey's Miniatures Corn Mo
Strobe Light The B-52's
Little Fluffy Clouds The Orb
Volare Gipsy Kings
Three Little Birds Bob Marley
Goodbye Goodness
I Need You Eurythmics
Do It Y'All
You are my Sun Shine Jonny Cash
God and Mr. Smith Love and Rockets

please let me know if you have any questions... Happy listening!!!!

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