Saturday, November 18, 2006

Hello fellow drones!
By now those of you near the east coast should be hearing an ominous buzzing from your mail boxes. I hope everyone got the e-mail. I had a technical glitch on the 15th and was delayed in getting the discs in the mail by a day. Thanks for your patience. I had a great time putting this together, and honestly, although I was worried that I wouldn't have enough to fill 80 minutes I actually had to cut my list in half. I could have done another whole disc. Much of the material is "new" new, and much of it is "used car" new (i.e. "new to YOU") I expect. Some of the cuts are as old as 16 years, but so obscure that I bet on the fact that most of you wouldn't have heard them.

When I first signed up for this club I had the impression (partially from the Weekend America piece) that the point was to create a sort of audio self-portrait, then I came back to the fact that the music is supposed to be new to other members and realized that any compilation would necessarily be a reflection of the...uh...compiler. So, I thought it would be kind of interesting to see what impressions we got about each other from our discs. I think we discussed this in some early e-mails, no? So, if people are up for it I will post a "profile" next month after people get a chance to listen and see if folks pick up on the fact that I'm an adopted albino Native-American Libertarian free-lance mortician with a fourth-grade education...or whatever. Sound like fun?

KB111506 The Buzz Outta Boston
1. This Year- The Mountain Goats ( A great anthem about being seventeen and desperate, and weren't we all desperate in one way or another at 17?)
2. I Think Your Name Is Stacy- Mike Errico (I first heard this live when he was just starting out and I was hooked. I suppose it didn't help that I was totally in love with a girl named Stacy at the time. And by the way, Mike found out the girl the song was about actually was not named Stacy. It was Dacy)
3. Change the Water- Dirtie Blonde (yes that's how they spell it. I spell it s.e.x.y.)
4. Kathleen- Josh Ritter
5. She Runs Hot- Little Village ( This is a "supergroup" composed of John Hiatt, Ry Cooder, Nick Lowe and Jim Keltner that they put together in 1992.)
6. Down That Road- Mercy Brothers (Gut. Bucket. Fun.)
7. The Distance- Cake
8.Gods and Gangsters- Heretix ( This was a local group in Boston in the late 80's, early 90's and they kicked ass.)
9. Love Dog- Johnny Hoy and the Bluefish (This guy is a stonemason in Martha's Vineyard during the day, a wailing bluesman at night and he used to play at a local joint I go to. I could have picked any track off this album, they all rip, but this one makes me laugh.)
10. Rusty Old American Dream- David Wilcox (Gotta love a song sung by a car.)
11. Eddie Walker- Ben Folds (Likewise songs about visiting patients in a mental institution.)
12. Great Nations of Europe- Randy Newman (After years and years of writing soundtracks he finally put out a traditional album called Bad Love. Only Randy newman could pull off a peppy sardonic anthem about colonialism and its echoes today.)
13. 16 Military Wives- The Decemberists
14. Thift Store Chair- Everclear
15. When She Walks By- Mike Errico (Another great story-song/ lesson from Mr. E.)
16. Color in Your Cheeks- The Mountain Goats (Honestly, it was hard for me not to send you all 80 minutes of Mountain Goats.
17. I Believe in a Thing Called Love- The Darkness (These guys pulled of an amazing homage to 80's anthemic hair music with a hilarious cheseball sci-fi video for this song. If you get the chance, see it.)
18. Oh Condi, Condi- Steve Earle (Uh, Steve, your irony is showing.)
19. I love Me Some Elvis- The Derailers (Wicked fun)
20. Phantom Pains- Christine Fellows (I discovered her when she opened for a recent Mountain Goats show in Cambridge.)
21. Dirty Martini- Joe Jackson
22. I Don't Wanna Grow Up- Tom Waits (Who does?)
23. Going to Marrakesh- Extra Glenns (Okay, this is really John Darnielle from the Mountain Goats with another guy. This was the first song I ever heard from him, and I have been hooked everafter.


Oh yeah, I need Gideon's mailing address, anybody?

Thursday, November 16, 2006


November... Month 1

Hello all!

The blogg has been pretty quiet. I hope you are all doing well I just wanted to make a quick post to get people ramped up for Chris's CD (psst... Chris this is your month... ;-) ) I'm so anxious to get it. I made a play list when we first started this project - but every time I listen to it, it changes... so who knows what you're going to get.....

Be good...



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